1963 COMBAT! IDEAL Game Box Art 9X19 Giclee Print Vic Morrow Rick Jason WWII Army

$ 23.95

 During the 1960s, WWII was a popular theme for TV and movies, and COMBAT! was one of the greats! This Giclee print is from the box art for the board game sold by IDEAL Toys as a tie-in for this very popular TV show.

The print size is approximately 9x19 inches, and TWO styles are available - One with the original FULL text of the game box, and the second with all of the text removed except the word "COMBAT!" in the upper right.

Our prints are Giclee printed to order on heavyweight matte paper, using inks with a rated fade resistance of up to 100 years on display under glass, and up to 200 years in dark storage, and ready to be mounted and framed.


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