About us

Originally formed in 2006, by Jon & Yoko Olson, YKO Studio, LLC started out performing Fine Antique Restoration services primarily for New York City clients, however it didn't take long for Jon's side interests to become a part of the company... And so, the Special Projects Shop was born in 2007; it's initial product being the first high quality, non-opening reproduction of the necklace seen in the 2006 movie "The Illusionist", made of Walnut wood inlaid with Maple.
Other products soon followed - Giclee reproduction prints of box cover art from classic models and toys, Museum Quality sticker sets for the MPC Fireball XL5 toy, Silver reproductions of the Bracelet from the 2011 movie "Atlas Shrugged", Silver Toothpicks for Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, and more!
Keep an eye on us as we continue to develop and add more products in the future.
- The "OTHER" Jon & Yoko