Museum Quality Fireball XL5 TV Style Sticker Sets for 20 Inch MPC Toy

$ 16.95

Is your MPC 20 Inch Fireball XL5 looking shabby, due  to damaged or missing stickers? Maybe you would like to kick things up a notch with an upgrade to the TV Style XL5 paint job?

YKO Studio has just what you need! A Museum Quality reproduction sticker set that is an exact match to the styling of the XL5 in the TV Show!! Now With Stronger Adhesive!

Need Wing Stickers for XL5 Junior?


For as little as $8.49 you can make the wings on your XL5 Junior look like they were painted red and yellow, just like in the TV show!

Just select the option above that includes the XL5 Junior sticker set.

If you would rather stay with the look of the stock MPC XL5, we sell a set of stickers that is an EXACT match for the MPC originals in a separate listing!


Please don't confuse our sticker sets with other, lesser quality products. We DO NOT use overlays or laminations! Our stickers are Giclee printed to order, right here in the YKO Studio Special Projects Shop, on High Quality Adhesive Backed GLOSSY Stock with inks that have a rated fade resistance of up to 100 years. They have clean, sharp text (with the correct fonts), bright, vibrant colors, and are about as close to the original TV XL5 paint job as you will ever find. When you see our stickers on your Fireball XL5, it will look almost like you painted it!!

- Jon & Yoko

YKO Studio, LLC


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