PT Boat Squadron RON 36 Emblem Coffee Mug

$ 10.49

White 11 OZ Coffee Mug featuring the Emblem created for the U.S. Navy Motor Torpedo Boat "Mosquito Fleet" Squadron RON36 in WWII - A Boxing Mosquito, just itching for a fight!. But when push came to shove, the gloves came off, and it was a no holds barred fight to the death! The brave men who served on these small, fast, heavily armed wooden boats in WWII, fought hard and established a proud history for themselves, of courageous service.

Each mug bears this emblem on Both Sides.

This beautiful custom printed mug, sold exclusively by YKO Studio, will make a great, and unique addition to your PT Boat memorabilia, or gift to anyone you know who has an interest in PT Boats!

Our Mugs Are Custom Printed Per Order


(Longer during the holidays).

 COMING SOON! - More PT Boat Squadron Mugs!!

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