1972 AMPEG "act of God" Poster Giclee Reproduction

$ 23.95

Back in the 1960s and '70s Ampeg made a name for itself as one of the great amplifier manufacturers in the early days of Rock ' Roll. Even 50 years later, the SVT is still considered by many to be the best bass amplifier ever made! This print of the classic "act of God" Ampeg ad from the 1970s pretty much says it all. Were those old Ampegs really just "a little softer than your average act of God"? Oh YEAH!!

Giclee printed using inks with a rated fade resistance of up to 100 years on display under glass, and up to 200 years in storage, on heavyweight matte paper, it is ready to be mounted and framed.

Print size is 13x19 inches.

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