DONT TREAD ON ME Beach/Bath Towel

$ 34.95

Next time you go to the pool or the beach, show your colors!

This new towel design from YKO Studio definitely sends a message—that you identify deeply with the principles of liberty and independence that brought the United States into existence. The design comes from the First Naval Jack, in use at the birth of this nation; 13 horizontal stripes representing the original 13 colonies and an uncoiled rattlesnake with the words "DONT TREAD ON ME" below it, which has a pretty obvious patriotic meaning! And, on a lighter note, it also lets everyone know that they should stay off your towel. You may notice that the word "DONT" is missing the apostrophe. This is not an error, it's the way it was spelled back in 1776. It's a powerful image, and a great towel, Order yours TODAY, and show your colors!


  • 30”x 60” Beach Towel
  • One Sided Print
  • 360 GSM 30% Polyester/70% Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Drying
  • Soft Surface
  • Wash/Dry on Gentle Cycle
  • Avoid Bleach and Other Whiteners

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