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ELCO EBCO Conning The Kill WWII Submarine Giclee 13x19 Print

ELCO EBCO Conning The Kill WWII Submarine Giclee 13x19 Print

$ 23.95

"Conning The Kill" is a reproduction of a collectable poster from WWII. It shows an EBCO Submarine running on the surface with two officers on the conning tower watching their latest kill, a Japanese ship, in its last death throws before it takes that final slide to its watery grave at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. With the bow of the sub looming large in the foreground, it almost feels like the sub is going to burst out of the print and into the room!! It's a striking image!!

Giclee printed on heavyweight matte paper using inks that have a rated fade resistance of up to 100 years on display under glass, and 200 years in dark storage, it will make a great addition to your collection, or decoration for your den or office.

In addition, it will allow you to keep your original (if you're lucky enough to have one) safely stored and increasing in value, instead of on display, fading, and losing value. Print size is 13x19 inches.