PT Boat Squadron RON 43 Beach/Bath Towel

$ 34.95

MTB RON 43 Beach Towel

MTB RON 43 entered WWII near the end, and so, although assigned to the Pacific Fleet, it never had a chance to prove itself in action against the enemy, and all boats in this squadron were transferred to the Soviet Union in May 1945. As a result of this, the crews of these 78 foot PT Boats (made by Higgins Industries) didn't even have a chance to give their boats nicknames with the exception of PT-625 "Coral Queen". This beautiful towel shows the RON 43 badge on the left, with a black panther tearing up a Japanese flag, and a ship sinking in the background, and the Higgins Industries logo on the right with "PT-625 thru PT-636" below it. Despite its striking image, this towel will provide you with soft, luxurious comfort at the beach or pool, or after a shower.

  • 30”x 60” Towel
  • One Sided Print
  • 360 GSM 30% Polyester/70% Cotton
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Drying
  • Wash/Dry on Gentle Cycle
  • Avoid Bleach and Other Whiteners

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