The American Monster With The Flapping Wings PT Boat Mug

$ 10.49

White 11 OZ Coffee Mug featuring a great picture of a PT Boat with Bat Wings, Claws and Teeth from a WWII Packard Engines ad "The American Monster With The Flapping Wings". Packard Engines powered these fast, deadly, heavily armed boats that were crewed by brave men who were "tough as nails", and prowled the waters of the Pacific and European theaters putting the hurt on enemy barges and ships wherever they were found, and establishing a proud history for themselves.


Each mug bears this image on Both Sides.


This beautiful custom printed mug, sold exclusively by YKO Studio, will make a great, and unique addition to your PT Boat memorabilia, or gift to anyone you know who has an interest in PT Boats!


Our Mugs Are Custom Printed Per Order


(Longer during the holidays).


Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

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