Tulagi Yacht Club Pint Beer Glass

$ 23.50

Back in 1943, during WWII, the island of Tulagi hosted a PT Boat Base. From this base, these small, fast wooden boats would go out on nightly patrols in a effort to disrupt the operations of the ships of the Tokyo Express to supply the Japanese troops on the islands. Life was rough for the brave crews stationed on Tulagi, but they did what they could to make it more comfortable. One thing they did to make it more pleasant was to give the base the tongue-in-cheek nickname "Tulagi Yacht Club". That didn't really take away the horrors of war, but it did help them, to some small degree, to feel better about things. Another thing that helped them deal with the harsh conditions of the South Pacific was the occasions they were able to lay their hands on a case of Beer. And so we arrive at this latest addition to the YKO Studio Special Projects Shop - A 16 ounce Beer Glass bearing the MTB Squadron 2 Badge and "Tulagi Yacht Club" arched over it! So, order your today, and when it arrives, fill it with your favorite brew and offer up a toast to all those brave sailors who fought for us so many years ago!

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