Disney PT Boat Mosquito Emblem Cork Drink Coasters (4 pcs)

$ 18.50

Each coaster is laser etched with the iconic Mosquito Emblem created by Disney for the US Navy Mosquito Fleet in WWII. A perfect addition to your bar or coffee table to protect its surface and show your love of PT Boats! No more worries about those pesky white water rings while you enjoy a glass of Torpedo Juice! If you already have those water stains on your table, zip over to our YouTube channel to learn our method for removing them quickly and easily.


ONLY from YKO Studio!

• Set of 4 Coasters

• 3.75” Diameter & 0.375” Thick

• Durable Cork Construction

• Rinse & Air Dry to Clean

DO NOT Put in Dishwasher or Microwave

• Great Gift Idea!

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