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FIREBALL XL5 MPC Box-Art Giclee Print

FIREBALL XL5 MPC Box-Art Giclee Print

$ 14.95

New for 2016... An almost life-size Giclee print of the main Box-Art from the MPC Fireball XL5 toy!!

A few years ago, Jon sold his own XL5 that he had owned since he was a little boy (the need for high quality for this toy is what drove him to create the sticker sets we sell). When he listed the toy on eBay, he took high-res photos of the box, which was in good, but not great shape. He has now finished fixing up the image, to remove all signs of damage, so we can offer this beautiful print.

Available in TWO sizes - 6 x13 inches, and 8.5 x 19 inches

If there is enough demand, we may offer prints of the side panels as well, in the future.